Private Practice

300-chris-lang-mftProject: Chris Lang, MFT
Type: Private Practice
Location: Santa Cruz, CA

Work: This website is for Chris Lang, MFT, a newly licensed marriage and family therapist in Santa Cruz, CA., who wanted a website to match her new private practice. The design began with her description of what inspires her as a person: “I definitely enjoy the energy of a zen room and space. Clean fine lines with details and calmness. With things being more in a square concept rather than round. I like the image of bamboo, rocks and water. And I find great comfort in watching the ocean or a sunrise. I also have a side of me that loves color with burnt oranges, deep reds, and dark browns and blacks.”


“Working with Raatior Design was a pleasant experience.  Vid and his team were very responsive, with constructive ideas, and professionalism throughout. The thought of creating a website seemed daunting, but working with Raatior Design made the whole process simple and I’m very pleased with the finished look.” – Chris Lang, MFT