330-dk-academyProject: Dale Kietzman Academy
Type: College
Location: San Diego, CA

Work: I was contacted by a Reina, a Chuukese living in Southern California and a volunteer for the Pasadena-based Dr. Dale Kietzman School of Theology. They had a limited budget to get a new website designed for a new campus that is opening up in another state. They had five days to get it designed and launched. I was moved by their sincerity and commitment to global peace through the theology school. Even with a limited budget, we were able to help design and launch their website in exactly 5 days.

from the website…

Dale Kietzman Academy seeks to be a global center for Christian thought, an influential evangelical voice that addresses crucial cultural issues, and to spark an intellectual and spiritual renewal that advances the Kingdom of Christ.

The mission of Dale Kietzman Academy is biblically centered education, scholarship, and service—equipping men and women in mind and character to impact the world for the benefit of all humanity.