Our Design Values


We believe that web design is only the tool to get our client’s mission across to the global community. Therefore, we keep the web design simple to prevent the design from overpowering the message itself.


We focus our design on simplicity, elegance, and functionality. When people like what they see, not distracted by plug-ins and time-consuming downloads, and easily find what they are looking for, we consider that a successful design.


We understand that non-profit organizations have varying degree of financial challenges, but we do not believe in handouts so our rates are affordable based on the complexity of the project and our partners’ financial reality.


We consider it a privilege to share in the mission of empowering a client to the global community. We look at websites as a way to level the playing fields for those who are unable to pay the expensive web designers.


We believe in building partnerships for a more equitable global community. We challenge clients in more developed countries to share resources with others in less developed countries such as Micronesia.


Our commitment to our partners continues long after a project is completed and a website has been launched. We work ourselves out of a job by providing on-going professional development for local staff to help maintain their own websites.


At the end of the day, we only have one life to live, one world to share, and very little time to enjoy both. So we live it fully, make responsible decisions, and laugh at ourselves a lot.