Who We Are

Vid Raatior
  • Holistic Approach 90%
  • Graphic Design 65%
  • Social Media 80%
  • Wordpress 90%
  • Trainer 100%

Vid Raatior

Principal Designer

Vid is the founder and principal designer of Raatior Design. He is a web designer who understands the power of technology as a tool to level the global playing field for small organizations, the outliers, the voiceless, the self-starters, and those who wish to do good but can’t afford professional web designers.  He approaches web design always with an eye to empowering the partners (aka clients) to effectively implement their goal to make this world a better place. He founded the successful Santa Cruz WordPress Meetup as a way to create a strong network of web designers and programmers to engage in other social enterprises.

Originally from a small remote island in the Pacific Island nation of Micronesia, Vid has a bachelors degree in communications from the University of Guam and a masters degree in school administration from the University of San Francisco. He moved to Hilo in 2012 where he is the Director of the Pacific Islander Student Center at the University of Hawai’i at Hilo. When he is not at UH Hilo, you can probably find him on any number of his personal initiatives to help his people in Northwest region of Chuuk State, FSM.

Desha Staley-Raatior
  • Writing 98%
  • Proofreading 80%
  • Sales 80%
  • Evaluation 75%
  • Training 50%

Desha Staley-Raatior

Web Content Manager

Desha has the all-important job of ensuring that the website content and the design clearly communicate the client’s mission and goals. She reviews websites as they are being designed keeping in mind the wishes of the client while taking the role of a consumer. Her attention to details are valuable for Raatior Design’s clients who are just starting out with a new website. Desha has a masters degree from the University of San Francisco in International & Multicultural Education and serves as the Educational Specialist at the University of Hawaii at Hilo. Originally from Santa Cruz, California, Desha has been actively involved in women’s issues and worked as a project manager for an interior design firm in Santa Cruz, CA. In all her work, Desha has taken on simple and large projects making her the best to help clients manage their web content management and timeline to keep the design projects on task. Finally, Desha understands the website as not the end, but a means of educating the global community about the client’s needs.

Keala & Keoni
  • Motivators 100%
  • Provocateurs 45%
  • Troublemaking 56%
  • Encouragement 100%
  • Drama 35%

Keala & Keoni

Inspiration Team

Keala and Keoni are the inspiration behind Raatior [web] Design. Their presence in this world remind us of all the children who depend on adults to make the right choices and decisions. Thinking about their future propels us to help other social entrepreneurs to create opportunities for other children in this world that our kids share. For when the children of the world are thriving, it is then that our children will truly live a happy life. It is when this world is free of starving kids and children without any resources that our kids can truly enjoy a world of equality.