Youth Conference

Program: Navigating Success
Type: Youth development conference
Location: Hawaii Islands

Work: This website was designed to support a growing Micronesian youth empowerment movement in the State of Hawaii. Sponsored by the Hawaii-based Micronesians United – Big Island (MU-BI) and the Oahu-based We Are Oceania (WAO), the Navigating Success project aims to centralize the youth conferences on those two islands to support Micronesian high school students with college, career, and community readiness. The website design included working with the sponsoring organizations to create a simple and easy to use website to recruit participants, volunteers, and sponsors for the youth development conferences.

From the website…

“Navigating Success” is a movement in Hawaii by Micronesians and our friends to inspire, inform, and encourage our Micronesian youth toward a path of success through college, career, and community readiness programs. The name is inspired by our wayfinding ancestors including the late Papa Mau Piailug who traveled great distances using only their knowledge, courage, and wisdom to reach their destination.