Who We Are


Raatior Design (aka  Atawe Design) is a web design service of the Raatior Ventures. Since our founding in 1998 in Northern California, Raatior Design continues to specialize in empowering (atawe) social enterprises, non-profit organizations, schools, grassroots community movements, artists, and small businesses in the Pacific especially the Micronesian region.


We understand the challenges of non-profit organizations and small businesses because we struggle with our non-profit organization as well.  But we take pride in leveling the digital playing field by designing quality and affordable websites for those who can’t afford the expensive web design firms.


Our design philosophy goes beyond creating functional websites; we believe in building partnerships to empower social good for a more equitable world.  Our team has helped a lot of satisfied clients with our diverse services ranging from creating completely new websites to redesigning existing ones.

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